What is Reverse Engineering?

There are two general modes of engineering: forward and reverse. Forward engineering is the prototypical process whereby a product moves from an abstract idea to a physical object. This can involve many processes depending on the final product, including drawing approvals, material selection, and choosing a cost-effective production method. Ideally, documentation is organized and protected at every step of the way. Read more “What is Reverse Engineering?”

RSP Joins the Future: NFC Technology and Applications

In our continued efforts to add technologies and capabilities to our expanding product offering, we have some big news to share. RSP, Inc. is now an authorized partner for Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions. That means RSP can integrate this exciting new technology into the wide range of products or packaging we make for our valued clients. Read more “RSP Joins the Future: NFC Technology and Applications”

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What is a Resistive Touch Screen?

What is a Resistive Touch Screen?

In simple terms, a Resistive Touch Screen is a touch-sensitive computer display that responds by applying pressure. It’s made from two resistive-coated transparent sheets that are separated by a small air gap. When contact is made to the surface of the touchscreen, these two sheets are pressed together. Each sheet has horizontal and vertical lines that register the precise location of the touch. Because the touchscreen senses input from contact with nearly any object (finger, stylus/pen, palm, etc.) resistive touchscreens are a type of passive technology. All this means is that the Resistive Touch Screens do have an internal power source, and so rely on electromagnetic energy transmitted from an RFID reader. Read more “What is a Resistive Touch Screen?”