What is Reverse Engineering?

There are two general modes of engineering: forward and reverse. Forward engineering is the typical process whereby a product moves from an abstract idea to a physical object. This can involve many processes depending on the final product, including drawing approvals, material selection, and choosing a cost-effective production method. Ideally, documentation is organized and protected at every step of the way.
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How RSP Helped ShredLights Improve the Skateboard Light

Outdoor Product Manufacturing Case Study

Getting Started: Improved Quality and Add Capacity

RSP connected with ShredLife, Inc, in November 2018 to manufacture the company’s primary product, ShredLights. Designed for the skateboarding community, the lights are super bright and very durable. Their prior contract manufacturer was struggling with quality control and capacity issues. Read more “How RSP Helped ShredLights Improve the Skateboard Light”