What is Oceanworks?

RSP is an official Oceanworks Guaranteed® partner offering products made with certified recycled ocean plastics. Oceanworks® verifies the supply of recycled plastics from oceans, beaches, rivers, and shores. Utilizing recycled plastic in your product helps remove waste from reaching the oceans and has a positive environmental and social impact around the globe.

The Oceanworks® Guarantee shows our customers, brands and suppliers that they are part of a larger mission - keeping plastic out of the ocean. Together we are building a circular economy. Oceanworks’ global supply chain promotes transparency by tracking our materials from collection to manufacturing and ensures that Oceanworks Guaranteed® partners comply with international standards for business, environmental and fair labor practices. Our quality standards allow our customers to purchase with confidence while the capacity of our global network provides security at scale. Join us to help make a difference and sea plastic differently®.

Oceanworks - Recycled Plastic Solutions - RSP’s Recycled Ocean Plastic Supplies

What Types of Ocean Plastics Can We Recycle for Manufacturing?

Ocean plastic is currently available in HDPE, PET, and PP. The material molds very similarly to virgin (newly processed) material, so it can be easily substituted. In a variety of test-molded projects, RSP has successfully replaced ocean plastic in each case by adjusting molding parameters.

Your entire product isn't plastic? Think about small pieces you could incorporate ocean plastic with.
This makeup case is made with 40% ocean plastic. Shop Oshen, website www.oshenco.com.
Fragrance made with high-quality ingredients and made with ocean plastic.

Is Sustainable Plastic More Expensive?

Depending on the exact material and color selected, the material price may vary only 5–25% from virgin plastic. In one test case, using ocean plastic even saved an RSP client money over virgin plastic. The material price is only one factor in the quoted price of molded plastic, so the average overall increase in price is often only 2–5%.

Benefits of Recycled Ocean Plastics Manufacturing

RSP is now using recycled ocean plastics for manufacturing several consumer products, including a reusable reclaimed ocean plastic packaging solution and a beach-focused entertainment device. These clients get not only the benefits of helping the earth but also the ability to tell their brand story in a different way, catering to their clientele and gaining customers who are seeking sustainably made products.

Oceanworks Recycled Ocean Plastics Product Example
Here is an RSP product that is Oceanworks Guaranteed®.
The green roof on this Best Bee Trap from Best Bee Brothers was created from recycled ocean plastic.
This plastic fork made from food grade PET is another great example of what we can create from ocean plastic.
This clear bottle is made with recycled ocean plastic. Behind the clear bottle are examples of products found in our oceans we can repurpose.

Extruded PET Sheets & Rolls

RSP has developed standard extruded rolls and sheets of 75% recycled ocean material from 0.2mm to over 1mm thick. This food-grade PET material functions similarly to virgin and other rPET materials, making it an easy-to-integrate substitute when increased sustainability and recycled content is the goal.


  • Thermoformed trays, clamshells, blister packs
  • Foldable cartons
  • Printed labels and displays – prints easily with no special preparations

This material can be used anywhere you are currently using PET. RSP can supply sheets or rolls for fabrication or provide the finished product for turnkey solutions.

Each year, millions of tons of plastic waste enter the oceans. Could your brand be part of the solution?

Here are some additional facts about Recycled Ocean Plastic:

  • Over 8 million tons of plastic waste enter the oceans each year.
  • Plastic has been found in over 700 species including 84% of sea turtles and 44% of all seabirds.
  • Global plastic production exceeds 3 million tons per year and only 10% is recycled.
  • 90% of plastic sinks once it reaches the oceans.
  • Oceanworks® and RSP equip brands with the ability to use authentic ocean plastic as easily as virgin plastic.
  • Plastic is collected from oceans, beaches, rivers and coastal shores and can be authenticated by collection location.

Join us in creating a more eco-friendly alternative for your industry! Please contact an RSP sales rep for more details about our Oceanworks Plastics.

Video: Fast Tracking Plastic Sustainability

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