Touch Screen Manufacturing

Touch screens are changing the way we interact with electronics and the way we access technology.

RSP supports customers transitioning from standard keypad interfaces to engineered displays or touch screens. RSP also works with customers on new designs and projects. .

RSP: Resistive Touch Screen Manufacturer

Our touch screens are all custom engineered and can be integrated with membrane switches, silicone rubber keypads, displays, plastic enclosures, and metal enclosures. RSP engineers have worked on many different projects in a variety of industries including agriculture, wearables, transportation, industrial and consumer products. Odds are you have interacted with one of our touch screens.

RSP’s high-quality touch screen panels are precisely engineered to react to the lightest human touch. The custom glass panels are built to exacting standards, which creates proper spacing resulting in higher sensitivity.

From digital resistive touch screens to analog resistive touch screens and capacitive touch screens, RSP has the versatility to provide you with the best option for your company.

The differences between the three types of touch screens can be subtle, but they are important in determining which touch screen is best for you.

Custom Touch Screens – Resistive and Capacitive

Digital resistive touch screen technology works by applying pressure to the screen, and can be operated by pressing a finger, a stylus or even a fingernail onto the surface. This type of touch screen works on an X-Y matrix.
Capacitive screen touch panels look similar to digital panels to the user but they do not require pressure to operate. A simple touch of the finger draws a small amount of current creating a voltage drop..
Analog touch screens are designed for pen recognition applications and those that require higher resolution.
RSP: Capacitive Touch Screen-Glass Panel
When a finger touches this capacitive touch screen, it draws a small amount of current to the point of contact, creating a voltage drop.

RSP designs and produces every glass touch screen panel to meet the customer’s needs and is customized for their application.

To find out more about RSP’s high-quality custom touch screens and how they can help your business, contact us at 414-546-4417 or send us a message.