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RSP has experience working in the food, beverage, and consumables with a variety of clients. As the world changes, the industry is seeking alternative designs that are reusable or recyclable or that use “earth-friendlier” plastics. RSP works extensively with plastics that break down faster in landfills and also with hemp-based plastics.

Beverage & Alcohol

RSP’s recent experience in this market includes a wide variety of products. Our team is very aware of food safety standards for materials, FDA regulations, and testing methods. Our expertise ranges from water dispensing stations to drink infusers to silicone baking products. RSP can provide food and beverage packaging solutions for our customers that meet the most stringent requirements.


This expanding market in North America is seeking quality manufacturers that can deliver a good product at the right price. RSP has worked with innovative companies in this market to develop packaging, consumable products, vapor products, and other user accessories. RSP has the manufacturing capabilities and efficiencies to deliver solutions to the cannabis industry at competitive pricing.

Liquid Infuser System
Liquid Infuser System

Food, Beverage, Consumables Product Examples:

  • Award-winning liquid infuser system
  • Child-resistant cannabis packaging
  • Silicone-molded food products
  • Reusable straws
  • Cannabis & tobacco accessories, including vapor products
  • Tamper-proof water bottle dispenser with proprietary powder release design
  • Collapsible silicone cups
  • Cannabis packaging