Why Use Ocean Plastics?

At RSP, incorporating ocean plastics into your products is about improving sustainability, creating a compelling brand story and substantiating your positive environmental impact. Through our partnerships, we offer a range of initiatives that allow brands to authentically showcase their commitment to sustainability and build a strong narrative around their efforts.

Quantifying Plastic Footprint and Impact

By collaborating with RSP and integrating ocean plastics into your products, you can effectively measure and communicate your brand’s plastic footprint. We help you quantify the amount of plastics removed from ocean and coastal environments through your product purchases. This data allows you to demonstrate the tangible impact of your brand’s actions in mitigating plastic pollution and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Trackability and Traceability with Blockchain

We provide trackability and traceability solutions that ensure transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain, from shore to shelf. Our blockchain-enabled system assigns each batch of products made with ocean plastics a unique batch number. This number enables customers to trace precisely where their purchase has made a difference by preventing ocean-bound plastic from reaching the shore. With this level of supply chain visibility and chain-of-custody assurance, you can show your customers that concrete actions back your sustainability claims.

GHG/Carbon Offset and Energy Efficiency

Switching to recycled plastic helps reduce plastic waste and positively impacts greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and your carbon footprint. We work with our partners to calculate the kilowatt hours of electricity saved through recycled plastic compared with virgin plastic. By quantifying these energy savings, you can showcase the carbon offset achieved by incorporating ocean plastics into your products. This information lets you communicate your brand’s environmental contributions more effectively, resonating with eco-conscious consumers.

Community Impact and Social Responsibility

Our ocean plastics partnerships extend beyond environmental benefits to creating positive social impacts in local communities. By supporting initiatives that collect ocean plastics, we contribute to the well-being of these communities by creating jobs, supporting schools and improving infrastructure. By aligning your brand with these community-focused efforts, you can showcase your commitment to social responsibility and empower local stakeholders.

Building a Strong Brand Story

Participating in our ocean plastics partnerships allows you to access many effective and meaningful stories that enhance your brand narrative. These stories revolve around your brand’s plastic footprint, traceability and trackability, GHG reduction and community impact. Sharing these stories through various communication channels helps you connect with consumers who value sustainability, reinforcing your brand’s commitment and differentiation.