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Engineering Design Services Overview

Selecting the right design and engineering partner is critical to the success of your project. RSP’s versatile engineering teams have decades of experience in the consumer, industrial, medical and automotive markets. RSP’s product design engineering services and mechanical design engineering services are integrated with our extensive manufacturing facilities to help minimize risks and accelerate the transition from design to product.

RSP’s offshore-based engineering teams work seamlessly with our clients around the world and can complete projects with the same efficiency as in-house or domestic engineers at a much lower cost.

RSP can quote projects on an hourly or project basis depending on the goals of our customer and the development needed. Our objective is to work on engineering projects that transition into our manufacturing facility. We can work on a single item such as a plastic mold or on a complicated assembly.

An example of a CAD drawing of an assembly by level.

Opting for RSP’s engineering design services offers a distinct advantage by facilitating a smooth transition from the initial design phase to pre-production and finally to full-scale production. Unlike scenarios where products designed by third parties may necessitate additional modifications for mass manufacturing, our engineers ensure that the end goal of the design is comprehensively integrated into our scope right from the start. With RSP, you get not only innovative designs but also a strategic approach geared towards seamless production.

RSP’s engineering staff is well-versed in both Chinese and American practices for engineering communication and quality. Customers can work directly with our engineering teams, and at the same time have the full support and convenience of RSP’s U.S. office.

RSP’s engineers are unique because they intimately understand the requirements of manufacturing. Our teams can design and quickly transition into the manufacture of your project.

An example of a CAD drawing of an assembly by level.

To be effective and efficient we have four major teams to turn your idea into a reality:

Project managers, as well as project engineers, work together on developing and improving each project while combining skill sets and expertise.
This team is solely focused on development of mechanical designs, including plastic and metal, and material selections.
This team of electrical engineers has a wide range of experience designing circuits for electronic products. We can assist with architecture, schematics, simulation, PCB layout, PCB assembly, PCB testing and production.
A dedicated quality and engineering team focused on developing efficient manufacturing methods while maintaining high-quality product and results.

Let RSP be your engineering department.

Here are some RSP projects:

Our client needed a full marimba keyboard design and manufacturing. The product required extensive metal fabrication, machining, silicone molding, plastic molding, electronics (PCBA), assembly, testing and logistics support.
RSP helped a client create an electronic Marimba keyboard.
An RSP client required a turnkey solution for development of a new product. They wanted an eco-friendly and sustainable thermoformed tray that would be at least 70% post-consumer content and also food safe. RSP designed and fabricated a customized extruded sheet using 70% recycled ocean-bound, food-grade plastic. RSP provided packaging, assembly and order fulfillment in Wisconsin.
RSP provided packaging, assembly and order fulfillment in Wisconsin.

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