RSP has over 50 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups.  We stand behind the quality of our products and make sure that the customer is satisfied with the products we produce.  Our operations in Milwaukee focus on small quantity and high quality membrane switch panel manufacturing and assembly work.  Our operations in China operate under the same strict quality constraints and inspection process as our US operations.  We stand behind the quality of our product no matter where it is produced.
RSP has mechanical and electrical engineers in the United States and China available to work on your project.  If you have detailed 2D drawings for rubber or plastic our engineers can normally produce the 3D models for no charge.  Call now for details.
RSP is constantly updating our software programs and computer system to deal with almost any file type.  Our software includes Solid Works 2009, Adobe Illustrator, Correl Draw, and several more for design and viewing. Send us a file and we will confirm for you if we can work with it.
The legal system in China has been developing and improving over the last decade. RSP has non-disclosure agreements and other protections in place to protect our customers. Our independent quality control and audit team works very closely with each facility to ensure that customer products are protected. We have been working with many of our vendors for 5, 10 or even 15 years and have a history of trust and intellectual property (IP) protection.  RSP and our vendors honor our customer’s IP and privacy. If needed, we can divide up product manufacturing so that no single entity has possession of a complete product. In some cases, we have set up isolated rooms or floors in factories to control inventory and property. If you have specific concerns that were not addressed, please call us to discuss your needs.
RSP stands behind the quality of the products we sell. Items produced at our facilities or partner facilities in China are held to the same exacting quality and testing standards that we maintain at our facilities in the United States. RSP has done extensive background checks on every factory we work with. If we are not working in our own facility or a rented facility our inspectors are present during tooling and initial sample production. Inspections during tooling or prototyping allow us to reduce time consuming errors and to work with the factory to set up process controls that will be used during production. Once production proceeds, we continue to work with the factory on additional controls that are needed and testing procedures. Before units are shipped we test each and every unit per our customer's specifications. Often we provide the customer with a list of items inspected to ensure that every unit shipped meets the specified quality standards.

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