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On top of RSP’s renowned manufacturing capabilities, we are proud to offer a true one-stop manufacturing experience. From assembly to packaging, warehousing to distribution, our dedicated project management teams will handle all of the product logistics for you, saving time and money. Our expanded domestic facility and our international offices in China allow us to handle everything from large warehouse shipments to individual drop ship orders to end consumers. With experience shipping to Amazon fulfillment centers, big box retail, and other warehouses around the world, RSP can help you get your product where it needs to go when you need it there.

Freight and Logistics

RSP has a full-time department dedicated to freight and logistic support for our customers. We have over a decade of experience shipping to and from China, so we understand how to import and export efficiently. If you prefer not to worry about duty, taxes, shipping company quotes and more, RSP is right for you. We can help classify your product to ensure shipping globally becomes a breeze. Additionally, your product would also be covered on our insurance policy so you can have peace of mind knowing you are protected.

RSP Warehousing facility, Brookfield WI
RSP Warehousing facility, Brookfield WI

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If you are like any of our customers, you think about your product 24/7. You dream of how it will change the market or maybe you’re creating a brand new market. But when it comes to executing the product, you’ve realized you need some help. And that’s where we come in.

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