Light Guide Film (LGF) & EL Lamps Overview

There are two primary options for backlighting displays and panels and RSP is experienced in both technologies.

The most common method for backlighting today is using LED technology and Light Guide Film which is commonly referred to as LGF.

LGF technology allows you to customize your lighting easier, cheaper and more creatively. Today it is commonly used in vehicles, hand-held devices and nameplates.

Steps Involved / How it Works

  • Engineering: It takes experience, knowledge and testing to get LGF technology working properly. Most customers simply give us the final specification or desired outcome rather than supplying the exact manufacturing details.
  • Laser Etching: Using a clear carrier layer (like polyester), laser etch and remove material surface at varying depths to capture light from side firing LED light source.
  • LED Light Source: Light from a single to many LED is shot sideways into the light guide film where the light waves travel until they hit a pocket of laser etched material and then it is captured and illuminates the surface. As the LED light progresses further in the clear film, it continues to hit deeper and deeper pockets of laser etched material.

There are several important advantages to LGF film;

  • Low Power: It is great for portable hand-held devices because it uses low power.
  • Colors: Can design with multiple LED colors easily.
  • Flexible / Thin: It is thinner and more flexible than traditional EL lamps.
  • Life: Long lasting with million + hour life.

The older method for backlighting is Electroluminescent Lamps (EL). EL lamps emit light when material, usually a phosphor, or synthetic phosphorescent substance, is exposed to alternating electrical current. EL Lamps are versatile, but may be best known for their use in devices such as wristwatches, clocks, electronic devices, advertising, instrument panel backlighting and even nightlights.

EL Lamps have a half-life of between 3,000 and 5,000 hours depending on the quality of the phosphor used in production and how they are powered.
RSP, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of EL lamp designs, with no minimum order quantities. RSP, Inc. specializes in flat panel EL lamp designs, but can also manufacture rope lights used in decorative lights, DC EL technology, which allows EL lamps to operate on Direct Current, thin film displays and other complex designs.
RSP, Inc. has the expertise to bring a product from concept to realization.

To find out more about RSP Inc.’s EL Lamp capabilities, call 414-546-4417 or send us a message.