Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE: Reusable Masks, Disposable Masks, Respirators & More

As a United States based global supplier with expertise in cross-functional manufacturing, we’re well positioned to become a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplier to source and sell PPE.

While PPE is used in everyday operations for many industries, our focus has been on products necessary to protect those in the medical, healthcare, and essential industries. However, due to the current state of the world, we are seeing a surging need for PPE in other sectors, including industrial, manufacturing, administrative, educational, and those working to help the medical field do what they do.

PPE Masks

How Can RSP Help You Open Safely?

Sourcing for PPE Items

Throughout our many years of experience as a manufacturing partner, we have built strong relationships throughout the world, which enables us to source PPE products and safety gear for customers.The PPE Products we supply include:

  • Surgical Face Masks (3 layer mask which hooks behind the ear)
    • Reduce the chance of spreading airborne diseases.
    • Minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 100
  • Washable & Reusable Silicone Mask
    • A comfortable silicone mask which features replacement active carbon filters and adjustable tension
    • Replaceable PM2.5 activated carbon filters
    • No MOQ – pre-orders only
  • N95 & KN95 Masks
    • Disposable face particulate respirators with 95% filtration
    • Very similar to the popular N95 used in healthcare, these masks are rated very similar and come with CE or FDA listing
    • 100 MOQ
  • Nitrile & PVC Gloves (non-latex)
    • Protect your hands from germs
  • Hand Sanitizer & Spray
    • Alcohol-based product to kill germs and bacteria
    • Note: the product produced is under the FDA temporary policy during the Public Health Emergency
  • Isolation Gowns, Booties & Hair Covers
    • Used to protect the wearer from spreading infection or illness.
    • Items may also be used to help prevent the gown wearer from transferring microorganisms from person to person in medical settings.
    • Variety of sizes and styles
  • Thermometers
    • For some illnesses, an elevated temperature may be the first sign the body’s immune system is fighting something. Good-quality, reliable thermometers may be difficult to find, but our sourcing has been effective in locating these supply chains.
  • Swabs
    • Sterile testing swabs which are essential to help medical teams collect microbiological cultures for testing.
  • Other

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Many of these items are available now through our online store:


Manufacturing (OEM) to Personal Safety Equipment Supplier

With all of our capabilities and our experience as a contract manufacturer, we are well equipped to engineer and manufacture PPE for customers. That means we can manufacture a product you can supply to others or we can manufacture a product for your direct use.

Not only are the RSP, Inc facilities in the USA are registered with the FDA for importing and packaging medical products but our facility RSP: Tech located in China is FDA listed as well.

One of our most popular PPE products we manufacture is a Washable, Reusable Silicone Mask with replaceable filters.

If you are looking for information on PPE and how to reopen safely, please head over to OSHA's site for more information.

RSP Washable Silicone Mask _with replaceable filter _ sm
One of the most popular products is our washable silicone mask with replaceable filters - BUY NOW!

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