Process Improvement Initiatives as RSP

Cost Reduction in our Workflow Means Better Pricing for Our Customers


Workflow Efficiency

RSP is committed to workflow efficiency and process improvement. As a critical supplier to many of our clients, we feel it is our obligation to look at these areas of our business to help reduce costs, improve quality and ultimately help our customers succeed.

Workflow is the systematic and planned repeatable pattern of business activity related to processing information. Despite the custom nature of the product we produce, the processes used are extremely detailed, repeatable, and documented to ensure the desired outcome.

In the past 12 months, RSP has initiated several programs aimed at improving our workflow processes.
The following are two examples of recently initiated workflow efficiency programs:

Process Improvement: Silo Breaking

One of the biggest systemic issues faced in organizations is poor communication between the silos that exist. At RSP, our silos consist of the following;

  • Sales
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping / Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Quality Control
  • Logistics
  • Accounting

Each of these silos has different tasks and responsibilities but ultimately, they all share the same goal, creating value for our customers. RSP breaks down the silos by developing a team-based approach to managing clients and projects. While creating product development teams was an obvious must for RSP years ago, recently we have pushed this concept further by creating cross-functional teams responsible for all aspects of the client relationship. Our custom ERP system, which we continue to develop and improve, also creates a smooth transition as each function or silo has it’s unique ‘touch points’ with the client.

Process Improvement: Automation & Systems Improvement

RSP continues to invest in automating our processes and workflow. These initiatives require us to invest in our information technology infrastructure.

Recently, RSP has initiated several new improvements at our plastic molding facility including;

  • Bar-coding for tracking incoming raw material
  • Scheduling software upgrade to reduce bottlenecks on equipment

RSP and our clients operate in a globally competitive world. Only by practicing continuous improvement are we able to continue to grow and thrive.