Reshoring: Are You Made in The USA?

Lately there has been a lot of interest surrounding the concept of reshoring. If you’re not familiar, reshoring is the movement of manufacturing or a business operation from offshore back to the country where it was originally located. This concept is by no means a new one, but recent economic and industry factors have companies re-evaluating their supply chains and strategy.

Some of the common reasons for reshoring include:

  • Rising offshore wages
  • Skilled domestic workforce
  • Shorter lead times for product development & manufacturing
  • Reduced freight costs
  • Being able to market as “Made in the USA”
  • Tariffs for importing or exporting imposed by governments
  • Increased use of automation
  • The ‘true’ costs of offshoring are higher than anticipated

While this does not constitute or explain all the ins and outs of this economic trend, almost all companies and industries must deal with at least a few of these considerations.
RSP is able to address many of these common concerns and potential reasons to reshore with our current manufacturing model. For example, our team based approach to project management and in-house resources in China allow us to respond very quickly to customer requests and market changes (while still producing offshore). RSP also leverages automation and continuous improvement practices to hold down labor costs offshore.

However, if reshoring does make sense for your company, RSP is unique and privileged to have both options available. RSP has manufacturing facilities in China and the United States.
Many of our clients will utilize our onshore and offshore capabilities by producing a sub-assembly or high labor item in China and have product shipped to our domestic facility in Brookfield, WI for final assembly with the other domestic components. This is the best of both worlds, allowing for over-all reduced manufacturing costs, streamlined operations, and often allowing the product to be marketed as “Made in the USA” or “Assembled in the USA”.
Contact us today to see how RSP can help with your domestic and overseas manufacturing needs!