Developing & Building Outdoor Products to Last

During the summer months, outdoor enthusiasts venture outside to enjoy Wisconsin’s plentiful lakes and diverse wilderness. Oftentimes this means boating, bike riding, archery, target shooting, ATV riding, fishing and more!

Outdoor products have to perform well in extreme conditions, including direct sunlight, rain, rugged terrain, and vibration. And when they’re not in use, these products need to be able to withstand harsh temperatures in storage, from trunks of cars in the heat of summer to frigid sheds and garages in winter. The most successful outdoor products are built to stand up to these elements.

In designing optimal products for outdoor, you need to consider the environment they will be used in, but you still need to focus on the basics.

  • Know your customers: What are they looking for in the product?
  • Understand the market: Is there a niche? Can you improve on an existing product?
  • Good design: After you engineer and design an outdoor product, is it appealing to the consumer? Does it function the way it should?

RSP has the expertise you need to design, prototype and produce your outdoor products. We’ve partnered with entrepreneurs to manufacture:

  • Silicone keypads for recreational boats
  • Trolling motor control panels and wire harnesses
  • Archery sensors to improve performance
  • Membrane switches for windmills and yachts
  • Fishing lures
  • …And much more!

It takes an experienced professional team like RSP to design products that stand the test of outdoor use.

If you’re ready to design your outdoor product and need assistance, call our sales professionals today to get started.