RSP Joins the Future: NFC Technology and Applications

In our continued efforts to add technologies and capabilities to our expanding product offering, we have some big news to share. RSP, Inc. is now an authorized partner for Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions. That means RSP can integrate this exciting new technology into the wide range of products or packaging we make for our valued clients.

For those not familiar with Near Field Communication (NFC), it’s a wireless communication protocol between two electronic devices that are in close proximity, usually 4cm or less. This technology is very common in smart phones allowing for mobile payments, paperless ticketing, sharing of pictures and much more. This technology is extremely versatile and is revolutionizing products world-wide. Industries are also taking note and including it in automotive, medical, retail and other mobile device applications.

Advantages of NFC:

  • End-to-end mobile marketing solutions
  • Integrates easily into label / packaging
  • Cloud-based software platform

NFC puts brands directly in touch with their customers eliminating search engines, online marketplaces, and social platforms.  This allows the brand to better control the messaging and enhance customer loyalty and ultimately drive sales. Some potential applications for NFC technology include the following, but opportunities are endless:

  • A life-saving medical device that when ‘tapped’ with your phone plays an instructional video on the site of an emergency and alerts an emergency response.
  • A digital musical instrument that provides marketing and educational videos in a retail setting, then, after purchase can push notifications of nearby events of interest, instructional videos, and even recommend local instructors.

Contact us today to see how RSP can integrate Near Field Communication (NFC) technology into your product!