RSP Delivers Silicone Masks Despite Global Supply Chain Challenges

Rawrycat is a pet products company dedicated to creating high-end pet products. In response to the global pandemic, they decided to use their design skills to create a patent-pending face mask, the Rawrycat Mask for humans!

Rawrycat pet products are designed to last a long time, serve as beautiful accent pieces in the home and create a warm and safe environment for your pets. The Rawrycat Mask for humans was inspired by the same principles, to create something long lasting and beautiful that provides a safe and comfortable environment for the user. The masks are made with dishwasher-safe food-grade silicone and feature disposable four-layer nonwoven, melt-blown fabric filters for easy breathing.

David Reichmann, the owner of Rawrycat, found RSP, Inc. through a Google search. When asked why they chose RSP, Reichmann offered, “After speaking to a wide array of suppliers and manufacturers throughout the world, we chose RSP because of their expertise, helpful suggestions and quick and constant communication and feedback. Despite the ongoing global supply chain challenges, RSP performed excellently.”

RSP responded quickly throughout the process, leveraging our team’s experience in mask design and production. Reichmann commented, “Working with Jason [the project engineer] has been great! The tooling and molding team did a great job. I have recommended RSP to several friends already!”