Video: RSP Plastic Injection Molding Process & Manufacturing

RSP is a contract manufacturer that is capable of creating high-quality products out of countless plastic types via plastic injection molding. Watch this informational video to learn more about how the molding process works and what RSP can do for your business. For more information about plastic injection molding or other services contact us today

At RSP, we offer high quality custom plastic injection molding.

The first stage of the process begins by feeding dry plastic pellets from the hopper into what we call a “screw”.

During the process, an operator uses the control panel to manipulate and adjust the process to maximize quality and efficiency.

After the plastic is cooled, ejector pins push the plastic out of the cavity so the operator can remove it. The sprue, or feeder tube of plastic is also visible.

For one of our customers within the medical industry, we manufactured a plastic mold out of medical grade plastic with a high-gloss texture finish. To complete the product's assembly, we added a clear lens using sonic welding to secure the product.

This product was created on a 300-ton press and is made with food grade polycarbonate. The piece also required highly polished stainless steel in-mold inserts, which we were able to manufacture and custom make for our customer.

This product was specifically designed to for a wall-mounted for the consumer market. Due to the many capabilities we have at RSP, we not only created the silicone keypad with printed legends, but we were also able to successfully assemble this component into the finished product. In order to create an easy mounting method for our customer, we designed in-mold knurled inserts into the design.

This photo shows a custom tool engineered and built in-house. This tool will be used to manufacture a molded product for one of our many customers. As part of our risk mitigation policy, all tooling is also stored on location for safety and easy access.

This consumer product required a plastic piece incorporated with a living hinge. A living hinge is a flexible piece and is made up of the same material as the connecting component. The black piece is created with thermoplastic rubber, also known as TPE, which is a rubber-like material. This product also includes a USB cover.

This assembly piece was made specifically for electric bicycles, thus, it needed to be created with a durable plastic suitable for outdoor use. We also created and assembled stainless steel hardware to complete the assembly piece for the customer.

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