Video: What is LED Light Guide Film (LGF)?

Learn how RSP has become a premier LED light guide film supplier and how LGF is made. Are you looking for backlighting for a product? RSP can be your partner in any project to find modern backlighting solutions.

Learn what light guide film is and how you can utilize it in your next turnkey partnership with RSP. Light guide film, or also known as LGF, is a small thin film that is aligned in small products to produce LEDs across the entire area that needs to be backlit. We can also utilize multiple sections of LGF to generate backlighting that is found in different components & has different color options.

This bright thin light guide film plate is small enough to fit in most devices, but not too small to not generate the backlighting glow that your projects require. Whether you have an existing product or need a prototype built out, we have the new capability to include premier LED light guide film solutions for your product. Contact us today to learn more about how RSP can improve your backlighting design problems today.