Hi, I’m Mike Ryan, the CEO of RSP based in Brookfield Wisconsin.

If you have already reviewed our website or watched some of my earlier videos about recycled ocean plastic from Oceanworks and RSP, you should have a good understanding of some of the basic information, now, you might be wondering what the next steps are to move forward.

Here is a brief description of the process.

Step 1: You should have reviewed the material options and be familiar with Oceanworks’ catalog of materials and data sheets. Now, you are ready to sample the material. Oceanworks and RSP offer a variety of sampling options from 10 kgs to 500 kgs - or more!

If you aren’t sure what material is right for you, ask our technical experts. We have experience working with and molding most of the materials in the catalog and can offer advice. Make sure to look at the pricing, the material prices vary a lot but are often competitive with other recycled or even virgin materials.

Step 2: It’s the perfect time to Develop a Product Plan

You have selected the best option or options for material, now dive a little deeper by confirming lead times and producing sample parts.

Your sample parts might be made with existing tooling, or you might make a prototype tool, or maybe just study the raw material. It’s important to learn about how the material will perform. If everything looks good with samples, now is the time to complete your testing and review the results.

Step 3: Launch Your Product - my favorite part!

You should work with your marketing department on a go-to-market strategy and campaign. It’s great that you are using recycled marine material but now is the time to tell the story to the consumer, and to the world.

You can create a visual campaign using Oceanworks marketing assets or develop your own.

Also, consider using the Impact Metrics from Oceanworks to share how much recycled material you are using, and how you are offsetting your plastic footprint - this is your chance to brag about sustainability and global responsibility.

Tell the story of recycled ocean marine plastic!

Want to do even more for the environment? Amplify your efforts with a customized Impact+ program — you can commit to removing even more material from the oceans based on purchases or when a customer scans a QR code for example.

If you have questions or want to learn more about RSP or recycled ocean plastics, call or contact us today!