Xiao is the manager of the molding department at RSP in Shenzhen, and is mainly responsible for mold design, mold production management, review and analysis of new plastic products, and quotation.

With 13 years of mold design experience and 4 years of on-site manufacturing experience in the mold industry, Xiao is an asset to the RSP team. During his tenure in production and manufacturing, he has continued to increase his knowledge and familiarity with the various processes and can independently manufacture various types of molds.

Xiao uses both Siemens NX and AutoCAD software to design products and mold structures. With his extensive experience in processing molds, he is very helpful and proactive in product design requirements so he can optimize the actual mold processing and production.

Outside of work, Xiao likes various outdoor sports, including mountaineering, running, rock climbing, and diving. If you come to China and like outdoor sports, he can take you to experience the beautiful mountains and wilds of China.