Matt Schabo, a vital project manager at RSP's headquarters in Brookfield, WI, is crucial in overseeing sales and project management for clients across diverse industries, including automotive, consumer products, agriculture, and industrial markets.

"I find great joy witnessing a product's journey from concept to reality. Working with both start-ups and established companies is truly fulfilling. The exhilaration of seeing a product I've contributed to being launched into the real world motivates me every day at RSP."

With over 10 years of experience in contract manufacturing, sales, and business development, Matt possesses a profound understanding of the importance of attention to detail, transparency, and operational efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.

Matt's dedication to fostering global teamwork and driving new project development has led him to make frequent trips to RSP's facilities in China. These visits not only strengthen collaboration but also foster continuous improvement and innovation within the company.

Currently residing in Milwaukee, WI, Matt holds a BA in Marketing from UW-Whitewater. As an enthusiastic supporter of Wisconsin sports, he enjoys following the local teams. Moreover, he embraces winter sports, particularly downhill skiing, and considers himself an adventurous traveler who delights in exploring new destinations.