Lorry Luo is the director of RSP Technologies in Shenzhen, China. He has nearly 20 years of experience in a wide range of skills, including sales, engineering, business management and project management, with a focus on plastic injection molding, silicone rubber molding, metal fabrication and membrane switches. He graduated from Tianjin University.

Lorry leads his team with a cheerful disposition and steady, consistent leadership. He fosters an efficient, respectful and friendly environment where employees can excel. When asked about his team’s performance, Lorry replied, “We have a strong organizational ability and team spirit, with strong adaptability. This gives us a strong sense of discipline and active cooperation.”

Lorry sets an example for his team when it comes to being self-motivated. “I can constantly improve my ability,” he said. “Good is good, but better carries it.”

Lorry has two kids, and when he is not working, enjoys spending time with family and friends while staying active.