Jason joined RSP in 2013 as a project manager in Shenzhen dealing with a wide range of products from consumer to industrial.

During his tenure, he has also been a member of our quality team and managed the molding department. Having worked in a variety of disciplines at RSP, Jason is very familiar with not only engineering and quality but also with the production and manufacturing of metal stamping, plastic injection molding, silicone compression molding, membrane switch fabrication, packaging, and other related products. He has 12 years of experience working with mechanical design and plastic injection molding. Jason is a well-rounded professional who enjoys working with clients and taking on challenging projects that require extensive experience in a variety of materials.

Jason graduated from Xi'an Aeronautical University, where he majored in mold design and manufacturing. He enjoys playing with his two energetic young children, who he must admit sometimes cause him to need a rest!