RSP takes asset protection seriously and has reviewed and put plans in place for each aspect of our business.
As a global supplier to clientele around the world, we understand that minimizing risk and exposure is a priority. As a key member of the supply chain to over 500 companies, we have the following policies and procedures in place:

  • Facilities strategically placed inland away from floodplains and immediate threat of typhoons, which occasionally hit Southeast Asia.
  • 24-hour security monitoring and alarm systems with fire detection in all facilities.
  • Employees fully trained on emergency response including fire extinguishing.
  • Comprehensive International Insurance policy, which covers all product, inventory and tooling.
  • Insurance policy also covers property off-site, property in-transit, fire, earthquake, flood, storm, and other business interruptions.
  • In the event of a business interruption, RSP has emergency plans in place to be up and running at alternate locations within days and fully operational after 1-2 weeks depending on the nature of the event.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our risk mitigation, please feel free to contact us.