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Plastic Molding Overview

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Custom Plastic Injection Molding

RSP is a design & manufacturing partner that is invested in your product's success. 
We have a proven 50-year track record of bringing the customer's vision to life.

RSP supplies high quality, low cost custom tooling and injection molded plastic from our 40,000 sq. ft. facility in Pingdi, China.


SOFTWARE NOTE: We work with Solidworks, AutoCAD, or Pro-E compatible file formats.
If you do not have these formats, we can produce a model from your sketch or drawing.


High Precision Injection Molding 
 RSP uses advanced molding techniques including face-mounted inserts, quick mold change systems, rheologically balanced runners, and CNC surfac e grinding.

CNC - Machined Plastic
Confirm your design with the fastest and most economical method available for high quality samples. CNC units are produced from a slab or bar stock and can be machined from a variety of materials.

Need just a few samples? Need prototypes for testing function or appearance? Take advantage of our quick turnaround, rapid prototyping options

RSP has eight mechanical engineers on staff with backgrounds in product development and design. They can rebuild plastic models from a sample or work with 2D and 3D drawings. This engineering is often free with your tooling order.

Visit our
Engineering and Design page to learn more.

Mold Fabrication
We can have your mold built in China for the lowest price available with quality and accuracy guaranteed. We can then transfer your mol
d to a United States production facility for local molding.

Add Value to Your Project
RSP offers a variety of services including membrane switches, rubber molding, PCBs, and more. We can supply you with multiple products, perform entire or partial assemblies and can take care of your packaging and drop-shipping needs.

Visit our
Turnkey Manufacturing page to learn more about saving time, money, and headaches on your projects.

Value-Added Example:  A customer was ordering plastic injection molded parts from RSP and mounting several labels and a membrane switch on the unit at their own facility. After realizing RSP had assembly capabilities, the customer changed all of their manufacturing and assembly to RSP, saving them 4 minutes of assembly time and thousands of dollars per year!

Call us today to see how affordable and easy plastic injection molding projects can be when you work with RSP, Inc.



  • Plastic Tooling in China typically costs 25%-50% less than the same tooling in the U.S. or Europe.

  • Already have tooling elsewhere in China? RSP is willing to work with you to move your tool to RSP's new plastic facility. Click here to learn more.

  • RSP's No Minimum Order Quantity Policy coupled with Bulk Shipments Daily to the U.S. saves you money on even the lowest volume production runs.


Cost-Saving Example:
A current customer was purchasing an off-the-shelf plastic enclosure and spending a lot of time and money modifying the units to get the product to market. The customer's local supplier quoted the tooling at $18,000 for 3 plastic pieces. The same plastic tooling cost our customer $8,500!


  • Our global operations follow USA manufacturing practices and quality standards.

  • Our independent quality control department verifies all of our own production and any materials, processes, or products from partnered suppliers.

  • As a family-owned and -operated business, we stand behind our work. All products and tooling are fully guaranteed to perfom as designed.




US Support Team  RSP equips you with a United States support team with extensive experience in customer service and global manufacturing in all sorts of industries. Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, we eliminate the language barrier which often kills new ideas and businesses before they begin.

„Intellectual Property Protection
  RSP’s facilities are located in secure business parks with 24-hour security, video monitoring, and tightly controlled inventory warehousing.  We have the ability to isolate a room, floor, or entire production facility to maintain the highest level of security. We encourage every potential customer to sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement before beginning a project.

Additional Resources  In addition to our factories, we have associates in large manufacturing centers in China who are available to locate, qualify, and inspect potential vendors for additional items needed in a turnkey assembly. If we can’t make it, we will find somebody who can.

Global Open Door Policy
  Every customer is welcome to visit and tour any of our US and China facilities. For China visits, please visit our Contact Us page. We can even arrange to have one of our associates meet you in Hong Kong and comfortably escort you to our factory in Shenzhen.




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