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Plastic Molding Overview

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 Custom Quality Plastic Injection Molding

 RSP is a design & manufacturing partner that is invested in your product's success.  We have a proven 50 year track record of bringing the customer's vision to life.

RSP supplies high quality, low cost custom tooling and injection molded plastic from our facility in China.

All product and tooling is fully guaranteed to perform as designed. As a family owned business, we are always there to service the customer. RSP is an approved plastic supplier to GE and prides itself on delivering finished products that exceed the customer's expectations. We have US trained engineers evaluating designs and assuring conformity to high quality standards.

SAVINGS: Tooling in China is substantially lower cost than in the US or Europe. Savings are typically 25% to even 50% off US or European prices. If your tooling is retained & stored in China, RSP can mold the plastic with no minimum order quantities. You can realize savings on small volume plastic too!  We bulk ship product to the US daily helping you save money on freight costs.

HIGH PRECISION INJECTION MOLDING: RSP can provide high-precision custom plastic injection molding. We use advanced molding techniques including face-mounted inserts, quick mold change systems, rheologically balanced runners, and CNC surface grinding.


  • Design/Engineering : Our engineers in China can rebuild plastic models from a sample or work with a two dimensional drawing. Often this engineering is free with your tooling order.
  • Prototypes : Quick turnaround options for rapid prototypes produced domestically or in China.
  • CNC : Confirm your design with the fastest and most economical method available. CNC units are produced from a slab or bar stock and can be machined from a variety of materials.
  • Mold Fabrication : We can have your mold built in China for the lowest price available with quality and accuracy guaranteed. We can then transfer your mold to a United States production facility for local molding.
  • Molding : RSP provides low cost manufacturing at an ISO certified factory for low, medium, and high volume production.
  • Value Added : RSP offers a variety of services including membrane switches, rubber molding, PCB and more... We can supply you with multiple products, perform initial assembly steps, or integrate multiple products into a single part.
  • Software : SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Pro-E or we can provide a model from your sketch or drawing.

Cost Saving Example : A current customer was purchasing an off-the-shelf plastic enclosure and spending a lot of time and money modifying the units to get the product to market. The customer's local supplier quoted the tooling at $18,000 for 3 plastic pieces. The same plastic tooling cost our customer $8,500.

Value Added Example :A customer was ordering plastic injection molded parts and mounting several labels and a membrane switch on the unit at their facility in Milwaukee. RSP was able to supply the customer the plastic molding china, membrane switch, custom plastic injection molding and labels together on the unit eliminating 3-4 minutes of assembly time from their production line and saving them thousands of dollars a year! Call us today to see how affordable and easy plastic injection molding projects can be when you work with a US factory manufacturing in China.

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